Custom Aero Section Clincher Road Wheels

While we enjoy our stock road wheelsets, and having the ability to manufacture our own hubs allows us to shave weight and design specific hubs for specific needs, the ability to tune spoke count, or choose other rims or spokes from those stock builds becomes necessary. To that end, these are the aero section rims available for custom builds. Also choose your hubs and spoke preferences. We will contact you to discuss lacing patterns if necessary. 

Also choose if you would like radial straight pull spokes on front and NDS rear. Saves 35-90gm. Only available up to 28h.

Custom wheelsets take five (5) days for build time. Rim tape and QR's included.

Alex Crostini R3.1, 380gm

Alex R-400, 405gm

Ambrosio FCS28, 530gm

C-4 V-22, 450gm, 22mm wide

ENVE 45, 450gm

ENVE 65, 485gm

HPlus Son Archetype, 450gm, 23mm wide

HPlus Son SL42, 600gm

KinLin XR-240, 455gm

KinLin XR-270, 445gm

KinLin XC-279, 472gm, 23mm wide

KinLin XR-300, 455gm

KinLin XR-380, 550gm 

Stans Alpha 340, 360gm

Velocity A-23, 440gm, 23mm wide

Custom Aero Section Clincher Road Wheels
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